hello brodyite!

The fact that you are reading this means you've passed rigorous tests, whether you were aware of it or not! See below the Visa fee list and confirm by email or phone which annual Visa category you want so a corresponding PayPal request can be emailed to you.


- all Visa fee payments should be made to Brody House International Limited by PayPal or bank transfer
- all Visa fees include
18% VAT
- anyone wishing to settle through a company with an EU VAT number may pay their Visa fee net of VAT

courtyard-illu-01 copy.png

unlimited access... our club {Brody Studios} for evening bonhomie, banter, booze and dinner that is accessible only for Brodyites
...and to our club rooms at {Brody House} for breakfast, morning café, daytime working / meetings


preferential tickets & fees...

... for events, accommodation and private event room rental

access to...

...each of our reciprocal clubs all around the world
‘BrodyLand and Beyond Annual Visa’ allows multiple entries into our international partner clubs,
while BrodyLand Visa holders are permitted to visit each reciprocal club once per half a year. See below.