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  • all payments should be made to Brody House International Limited via PayPal or bank transfer

  • all membership fees include Maltese VAT (18%)

  • anyone wishing to settles through company with an EU VAT number may pay the fee net of Maltese VAT

  • half year visa is available


  • unlimited access to our club, {Brody Studios} for dinner as well as our social and cultural happenings accessible only for Brodyites

  • unlimited access to our club rooms at {Brody House} for breakfast, morning café, daytime working / meetings

  • preferential/free tickets by purchasing tickets for events and preferential accommodation and private event room rental fees

  • access to each of our reciprocal clubs: ‘BrodyLand and Beyond Annual Visa’ allows multiple entries into our international partner clubs while BrodyLand Visa holders are permitted to visit each reciprocal club once per half a year