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Brody House, BrodyLand's first venue was established in 2009 to promote and contribute to Budapest’s vibrant creative scene. 


Today, BrodyLand spans four hospitality venues in Budapest with more in the pipeline. 

We offer unique boutique accommodation, events and  working space and each venue has its own distinct flavour. The first, our hotel called Brody House, was listed in The Sunday Times ‘100 Best Hotels’ and won Mr and Mrs Smith’s ‘Best Budget Boutique Hotel 2013’(and was runner-up in 2014 and 2015.)

Accommodation guests are afforded 'I'm in bed with Brody' visa during their stay in Budapest to gain access and dip into the cultural and social life at Brody Studios. Our team organises social and cultural happenings for members and their guests - from the rowdy and raucous to the refined. 


what we are good at…

Accommodation: from boutique hotel to downtown apartments and an exclusive villa rental, guests have three locations to choose from. Each venue integrates art, upcycled artisanal furniture and contemporary design within a glam heritage building served by speedy free wifi and air conditioning throughout.

Social & Culture: Citizens of Brodyland and their guests have access to a diverse and glam social and cultural life, several club spaces and numerous happening throughout BrodyLand and beyond. Regular travellers and digital nomads can utilise any of 17 international affiliate clubs.

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helpful hints for copywriters

Please make sure you use our brand names correctly:

Brody - short o
BrodyLand - no space and big L
Brody Studios - no accent and an s at the and of the ‘Studios’
Brody House - short o and House in English
The Writer’s Villa - capitals for all word, English only
Cobbler’s Bar and Inn

And avoid the following mistakes:

Brody Ház
Bródy Stúdió
Brody Studió
Brody Land
the Writers Villa
Az író háza’ (Hugarian translation)