single/double bedrooms

Indulge in the eclectic mix of Brody made furniture, original art and original features of the building complete with ensuite bathrooms, free WiFi access and air conditioning and cots free of charge for little ones. Our Brody beds can be transformed into twins for you and friend or left as a double for that special someone, all you have to do is pick a preferred style!

tinei's room

33 sqm • Non-Smoking room • AC • WiFi • King sized double / twin bed • Free standing gold painted bath • Ensuite shower • Bath • Hair dryer • Towels/Linen • Desk

• Max occupancy: 2

Featured Artist & Backstory: Alex Tinei, encouraged by the founders, set up his first atelier in the house and was the first artist to start working here. He considers the move was instrumental to his professional career. Alex since has found success internationally.

ludo's room

30 sqm • Non-Smoking room • Free standing bath • Separate shower • Dressing table • Clothes hanging space • Super king double bed / twin • Air C • Wifi • Hair Dryer • Towels/Linens • Desk

• Max occupancy: 2

Featured Artist & Backstory: another French artist, Ludo Thiriez, worked in Brody House and received valuable guidance from Etienne. Ludo works between Sao Paulo, Paris and Budapest.

photo room

28 sqm • Non-Smoking Room • Walk in shower/wet room • Super king double / twin bed • AC • WiFi • Hair Dryer • Towels/Linens • Desk

Max occupancy: 2

Featured Artists & Backstory: The history of Budapest’s art scene is intrinsically linked with famous photographers, such as Robert Capa, André Kertész and László Moholy-Nagy. The Photo Room emanates this tradition by featuring the work Christopher Everard, Tibor Papp and Attila Lóránt.

etienne's room

32 sqm • Non-Smoking room • Ensuite bathroom • Shower/bath • Super king double/twin bed • Sofa bed for a third guest • AC • WiFi • Hair Dryer • Towels/Linens

• Max occupancy: 2

Featured artist & Backstory: Etienne Claret de Fleurieu spent two years in Budapest living and working in the house. Among his collectors is French fashion designer Agnes B. Etienne currently resides in Paris.

judit's room

22 sqm • Non-Smoking room • Ensuite shower room • Balcony • Double / twin bed • AC •WiFi • Hair Dryer • Towels/Linens

Max occupancy: 2

Featured Artist & Backstory: The artworks by Judit Navratil are mind-maps of different levels of consciousness. They compare the collective subconscious with the very personal stories and memories of a person - examining archetypes, network systems and the tiny miracles of nature.

droga's room

30 sqm • Non-Smoking room • Ensuite shower/bath combo • Super king / twin bed • AC • Hair Dryer • WiFi • Towels/Linens • Desk

• Max occupancy: 2

Featured Artist & Backstory: International artist and sculptor, Bo Droga (Australia) became friends with the founders while working in London. On each periodic trip to Budapest Bo creates and contributes a new piece of artwork for his room. Bo currently lives and works in Paris

yeresko room

28 sqm • Non-Smoking room • AC • shower above large bath • hairdryer • king sized bed • WiFi • Towels/Linens

• Max occupancy: 2

Featured Artist & Backstory: Yan Yeresko from Belorussia was introduced to Brody House by Alex Tinei. Yan created the series displayed in the room at his atelier in Brody Studios and spends his time in between Minsk and Budapest.

eszter's nest

12 sqm • Non-Smoking room • Double bed • AC • Wifi • Hair Dryer • Towels/Linens

NB: This is our smallest cosiest room - it's great value but not suitable for people with reduced mobility!

Max occupancy: 2.

Featured Artist & Backstory: Eszter’s Nest takes inspiration from Terence Conran’s musings on small spaces and utilises his ideas to make use of the innate architecture, resulting in a second level that stretches into the grand ceiling to house a double bed and a snug shower feature.