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At The Studios we offer a diverse cultural and social calendar open to anyone to enjoy including art exhibitions, alchemy cocktail sessions, live music nights, comedy nights, movie screenings, literary talks & much more. 

If you want more #brodylove and would like to enjoy all the perks of being a BrodyLand Citizen, feel free to get in touch with our Border Control Office.


It's the best medicine and all that. Monthly laughing gear workouts courtesy of Dave Thompson and his monthly comedic capers. Otherwise known as Tinky Winky or 'the purple one', Dave delivers the best of English language comedy through his top notch international 'mirthmeisters' just like Tony Law, Simon Evans, Carly Baker, Keara Murphy and Alan Henderson.


The sound of the city's buzzing music scene comes to life at The Studios every Monday. Local and international talents embrace a variety of styles in a live and open jam session amid amazing surroundings



Story Slam is the all embracing love child of the elitist Poetry Slam and the Stand Up Performance. Come and experience the drama and comedy of other peoples lives told through engrossing stories. The stage is be open if you love nothing more than sharing your fav story with a wider audience

Bring your bright minds and bulging brains to Brainiacs. Yet another way to think while you drink at Brody Studios! Come psyched up for topics such as booze, science, culture, history + general weirdness & win the Brody Goodie Bag of prizes with your team



It's all about the 'art in a glass'. Get involved in the monthly themed cocktail tastings where you can try delish potions courtesy of BrodyLand's Beverage Overlord, Dez, who is really a closet alchemist. Think, drink and eat whilst you learn about or enjoy nuggets of poetry, film and live music.

The Studios’ monthly artsy blowout harbors the best in Budapest - party with talented musicians and meet the creative minds who create the buzz in the city



'Studio Talks' is a platform for discussion and a community meeting of creatives in Budapest, where we can meet defining figures in design, fashion, (applied) arts and other creative areas 

Curious Minds is a series of curated talks, workshops and debates that encourage compassionate and contentious cogitation. Subjects are wide-ranging and talent… well, talented. Past contributors include magician, Johann Bayle, positive psychologist, Paul Pahill, and WW2 Dunkirk survivor and historian, Steve Weiss.


Art exhibitions and happenings