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Curious Minds - Dreamwork

  • Brody Studios 38 Vörösmarty utca Budapest, 1064 Hungary (map)

We are excited to bring back the unique Dreamwork - The Laboratory of the Night workshop.

There are few subjects in the world with more universal appeal than the subject of dreams. Almost everyone can tell about that one bizarre, horrifying or tantalizingly beautiful dream they had once that remains a vivid memory to them to this day. And they are often still puzzling about “what it means” 

Who is this workshop for? 
For anyone searching for meaning in their life, dreamwork offers an immediately accessible path to experiences of deeper states of consciousness.

Who are we and why are we doing this?
We are two passionate dreamworkers who believe our dreams hold the keys to waking us up to our true potential. Through this communication channel between the unconscious and the conscious mind, we can heal and transform our lives. 

Theo Huffman, has been leading dreamwork groups - both online and in person - since 2004, including a monthly dream circle that has been meeting in Budapest since 2012. He has also held public lectures on the subject of dreams. 

Theo’s blog:
Dream Warrior training page:

Judit Jakab, a positive psychologist who is passionate about mindfulness practices and combining spirituality with psychology. Her interest in dreams started as a child and has accompanied her life up to the present. She started practicing lucid dreaming after attending a retreat in the Scottish highlands led by Charlie Morley, Buddhist lucid-dreaming teacher. 
Judit’s website:

Entrance fee: 
2.000 HUF for Brodyites and 3.000 HUF for guests.

6 pm - doors open
7 pm - workshop starts

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RSVP at:
☏ +36 1 266 3707
Brody Studios | 1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty utca 38.

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Flyer artwork by Mimma Nosek

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